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Eyebrows: 20 minutes/ $15 (Some say the face is the map of the personality. The eyebrow waxing service is done by applying the wax on the area around the eyebrow. Creating a shape, cleaning and leaving a fresh look).

Full legs w/ toes: 30 minutes/ $65 (The full legs service starts where the Femur begins and reaches down to the tip of your toes).


Temples: 10 minutes/ $6  (The temples are located at the right and left side of the head behind the eyes).


Upper legs: 20 minutes/ $35 (The upper leg service starts where the Femur begins, and ends where the Tibia begins).


Buttocks: 20 minutes/ $30 (This service covers the entire area of the buttocks inside and out).


Full face: 30 minutes/ $55 


Shoulders: 10 minutes/ $20 (Shoulders begin at the Collarbone and ends at the Shoulder blade and the Deltoids muscle).


Toes: 10 minutes/ $10 (Flip flop season is coming, get your toes ready!)


Brazilian Wax: 30 minutes/ $65 (The famous Brazilian wax! it covers everything in the swimsuit area, all of the hair at the front and the back inside of the buttock).


Lower back: 10 minutes/ $25 (The wax covers from the Latissimus dorsi down to the Gluteus Medium).


Lower arms w/ hands: 20 minutes/ $26 (The wax starts above the elbow and reaches down to the tip of the fingers).


Inner thigh: 10 minutes/ $15 (The wax covers about 6” starting at the front half of the leg going and ending at the back half side of the leg).


Ears: 10 minutes/ $8 (The wax grabs all of the hemisphere inside of the ear that is safe to be removed. The next step the esthetician applies the wax from the Helix to the Ear lobe).


Bikini line: 20 minutes/ $35 (Any hair that surrounds the bikini area, that’s where our wax will be!)


Back: 30 minutes/ $55 (The full back service is done in the shape of a sleeveless shirt. Starting at the end of the nape reaching down to the beginning of the Gluteus Medium. On the sides it reaches until the beginning of the Deltoid muscle).


Upper arms: 20 minutes/ $28 (The upper arm begins at the Rotators cuff and ends below the elbow).


Lower leg: 20 minutes/ $35 (The lower leg service starts where the Femur ends right above the knee, and ends at the tips of your toes).


Bikini full: 30 minutes/ $55 (This Bikini full service covers all the Front Only of the Bikini area reaching all the way down to and It’s surroundings. Leaving a small shape, either a small triangle, a hair strip or as much as the client desires. We can create hearts, stars, alphabet letters etc. Each additional shape has an $10 charge. Due to the time and details of the shape).


Full stomach: 20 minutes/ $30 (This service covers all the abdominal muscles).


Chest: 35 minutes/ $30 (The chest starts at the Collarbone and ends at the rib cage).


Underarms: 10 minutes/ $15 (Let’s raise our arms and be free! The underarms service clears out the hair from the right and left areas).


Hands: 10 minutes/ $10 (Hands with no shame! From your wrist to the tip of the fingers any hair will be waxed).


Top only: 10 minutes/ $15 (This area starts about 3” below the belly button and reaches down to the beginning of the bikini line).


Arms full w/ hands: 30 minutes/ $45 (This service starts at the Rotators cuff, and reaches down to the tip of the fingers).

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