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Brazilian wax:  30 minutes/ $50 (The famous Brazilian wax! it covers everything in the Bikini area, all of the hair at the front and the back inside of the buttocks).


Cheeks: 10 minutes/ $7


Chin: 10 minutes/ $7 (The chin area is formed by the lower front of the mandible, located below the lower lip).


Ears: 10 minutes/ $8 (The wax grabs all of the hemisphere inside of the ear that is safe to be removed. The next step the professional applies the wax from the Helix to the Ear lobe).


Eyebrows: 10 minutes/ $15


Lower lip: 10 minutes/ $7 (The lower lip area is located between the chin and the lower lip line).


Neck: 10 minutes/ $10 (The neck starts at the end of the jaw line and reaches down to the beginning of the collar bone).


Upper lip and apex of the nose: 10 minutes/ $7 (The wax reaches down to the upper lip line covering above the entire area).


Nostrils: 10 minutes/ $8 (The wax covers only the two external openings of the nasal cavity).


Sideburns: 10 minutes/ $10 (The wax is applied beginning next to the ears, and reaching down to the jaw line).


Full face: 30 minutes/ $40


Breast: 10 minutes/ $9 (The breast service is around the nipples located at the front Pectoral muscle).


Lower stomach 17: 15 minutes/ $15 (The lower stomach service covers the horizontal area under the umbilical cord, and reaches down to the top bikini line).


Full stomach: 20 minutes/ $25 (This service covers all the abdominal muscles).


Chest: 15 minutes/ $15 (The chest starts at the Collarbone and ends at the rib cage).


Underarms: 10 minutes/ $13 (Let’s raise our arms and be free! The underarms service clears out the hair from the right and left areas).


Full arms w/ hands: 20 minutes/ $35 (This service starts at the rotators cuff, and reaches down to the tip of the fingers).


Upper arms: 10 minutes/ $25 (The upper arm begins at the rotators cuff and ends below the elbow).


Hands: 10 minutes/ $10 (Hands with no shame! From your wrist to the tip of the fingers any hair will be waxed).


Lower hands w/ hands: 20 minutes/ $28 (The wax starts above the elbow and reaches down to the tip of the fingers).

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